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  • Aug

    It’s August 28:  Mom seems to be white-knuckling the steering wheel, her hair is looking particularly crazy these days, and she keeps mentioning the first day of school… but we’ve had a great summer!

    It started off with a bang when PawPaw and MawMaw visited (we read, played some cards, had a girls day out, hit the local bookstore and picnic’d at Hale Reservation)… then Aunt Suz came and the fun continued (blueberry picking and then lots of blueberry experiments in the kitchen, an outing at Castle Island and the North End, bike riding, walking at Millennium and of course Chipotle Thursday!). 

    July continued with our annual 4th of July parade at the cape, trips to the beach, sprinkler parks, zoo, the farm and countless ice cream shops.  There was swim camp & tennis camp, girl scout camp and driveway hockey.  The huge fun happened when we got in the car and drove to DC to hang out with the Koch side!  Uncle Mitch and Aunt Laine hosted us all and we had a great time at the monuments and the zoo and just hanging out.  We squeezed in the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on the way down too.

    The pace slowed in August but we still managed to get to Cape Cod a lot, go camping for a weekend in New Hampshire with Dad, Uncle Stephen, Genna and Dylan, see some friends, hang with Ash, and have a cousin sleepover.  Dad and Will got to go to Fenway for a Liverpool soccer match and we all made it to a minor league baseball game (i.e. ice cream and snacks in the hot sun but at least it didn’t cost an arm and a leg – plus we got to run the bases!!).  Most recently we went to the Children’s Museum for the Welcome to Kindergarten (and PreK) party!

    We also got baby brother on a tricycle, introduced him to whipped cream, wore Nana’s toilet paper cover around, went to breakfast with Papa at Sesuit Harbor, made Star Wars wookie cookies, laughed a lot, cried some, then went back to school shopping!!  One more week!!

    IMG_6580 IMG_7023IMG_7096 IMG_6975 IMG_6697 IMG_6860IMG_7656 IMG_7693IMG_7980IMG_8500IMG_7642 IMG_7545IMG_7216 

    IMG_7345 IMG_7354IMG_7472 IMG_7433IMG_8066 IMG_8088IMG_8526 IMG_8582IMG_8733 IMG_8777IMG_8627 IMG_6635

    IMG_8906 IMG_8925IMG_7587 IMG_7073IMG_8010 IMG_7631


  • Aug

    Canobie Lake Park   

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    Mom and Dad surprised us with a trip to Canobie Lake Park last week. Roller coasters, log rides and a water park kept us entertained for 10 hours. We made a great team – Anna and Dad were the thrill seekers and Mom, Owen and I were in the too short, too scared for the upside down spin around as fast as you can rides. We stuck to the kiddie rides.


    Our 9pm exit selfie:


  • Aug

    Beautiful day for dad’s company outing to Thompson Island!  We’ve been saying for a long time we need to get to the Boston Harbor Islands and we finally made it.  Owen enjoyed the views. The big kids enjoyed meeting other kids via squirt gun fights and volleyball.  We all enjoyed the sunshine!

     IMG_8360IMG_8381 IMG_8436


  • Aug


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    Camps are over and there’s nothing else planned for the summer. Time for a Mohawk! It should grow back by the time he starts Kindergarten.

    20140805-125401-46441727.jpg 20140805-125402-46442346.jpg20140805-125401-46441986.jpg

    And, our old roomate ASHLEY came to visit us all the way from the Big Apple. We did what we typically do when we have visitors. We played played some games, lounged in the back yard, made yummy desert (ice cream sundaes with chocolate chip peanut butter cookies!!!) and of course went to Target.




  • Jul

    Shortly before our trip to DC and in order to look his most handsome seeing his Koch cousins (more on that trip later) Owen got his first real big boy haircut! No more of Mom’s chop shop at home on the booster seat (which was really not resulting in the best look for our handsome little fella). Not a tear or a scream was shed!



  • Jul

    Who needs paper…   

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    …when I have my belly



  • Jul


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    Calls of "doh, doh" and putting his hand up is Owen’s way of ordering a donut (munchkin) from the backseat

    No surprise that it’s so similar to big brother 3 years ago:



  • Jul

    Earlier this week, Will’s street hockey team – the Portland Buckaroos – won the Gormley Cup. Will scored a handful of goals and even played goalie in the semi-finals. He was a little too stubborn to put on the glove, blocker and mask though. Little brother Owen (pre hand foot & mouth) was there at the finals to cheer him on.





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